Messier 42, The Orion Nebula – a new version

On November 2020 the skies allowed me to shoot Messier 42, The Orion Nebula, again. This time I used my new camera and light pollution filter, and now the result is… kinda ok.

I got only 55 minutes with 30s frames, but the surrounding nebulosity already begun to show itself.

My new field flattener also helped a lot to flatten the borders of the frame!

Messier 42 does not require any comments. It’s probably the most known nebula of the sky, visible through naked eyes!

The Orion constallation is full of this emission nebulas, but M42 is by far the most proeminent.

Enough talking! Here comes the pic:

Setup for photographing Messier 42

Canon T6i (750D) astro modified
Long Perng S400M-C 66mm f/6 refractor
Field Flattener for short refractors (Looks like Orion Field Flattener)
iOptron CEM25P with a 2″ tripod
ZWO 60280 Finder and Guide Scope
QHY5L-ii Color


110 x 30s
ISO 1600

See in more detail:



My first true experience with DSO astrophotography

72 days since my CEM25P has arrived, and I got just 1 day with open skies. Guess when the skies were open? Yes, in a night with a bright 97% illuminated moon.

Well, f… it! I needed to try some long exposures. And so I did.

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An ugly first DSO imaging attempt

Well… my CEM25P have been arrived 2 months ago, and since then I didn’t have the opportunity to really use it.

Last friday night (Actually, it was saturday dawn…) I went home after seeing my girlfrind, and noticed that the sky was clear. It was 2 o’clock, I was tired, but couldn’t miss the chance.

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