Eta Carinae (NGC 3372) in wide angle

Finally, on January 7, I was able to try my “new” old Nikkor 135mm f2.8 AI, that promises to be a great wide angle lens. I chose as a target Eta Carinae Nebula, or NGC 3372.

This nebula is one of the most beloved targets of the south hemisphere. It is located on the Carina constellation, and just the main nebula itself (NGC 3372) have 2 degrees of aparent size. It is huuuuuge!

As aways I used my old Nikon D5000, but this time I put my little mak to rest and finally used the Nikkor 135mm f2.8.

Although I ran PHD2 to do the drift align, the auto guiding wasn’t needed. My CEM25P is precise enough to exposure 2 minutes shots in 135mm.

One final thought: I’m missing plate solving, and more than ever I’m thinking to flip to Canon. Clip filters, nice software compability, wide range of lens available… let’s see what the future will bring, right?

Well, this is the result:

Eta Carinae in 135mm
Edited on January 20 with color enhancement.


  • 70×120″ ISO 640
  • 22×60″ ISO 640
  • 50 x DARK
  • 50 x FLAT
  • 50 x BIAS

The result was far from impressive, but I liked it. The moon was 85% illuminated, but at 2AM it was low enough in the sky.

Here is the Astrobin link:
And Flickr:
And Astrometry 😅:

I really like this portion of the sky, and not only because of Eta Carinae. There are so many objects! See below the Astrometry plate solving:

Now, I hope my next images will be made with a new lens! Actually, an ED refractor. 🙂 A 66mm, 400mm focal lenght “Semi” APO doublet from Long Perng.

See ya soon!

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