Moon and Saturn conjunction on November 29

Moon and Saturn went on a beautiful conjunction on November 29, 2019. And I was able to register, because…

It’s Friday, Friday… gotta get down on Friday!

Ups, sorry! Got carried away.

Well, my first successful high dynamic range of the moon.

Had been a long time I wanted to do a HDR of the early phase of the moon to properly show the earthshine and the bright side at the same time.

I was lucky enough to shot this HDR on the same day that Saturn was just beside of the moon!

Although to naked eyes Saturn was just a touch beside, to my telescope with a long focal length it was far enough to not fit on the field of view.

A “magic trick” was needed, then. You can see below how much of the moon and Saturn I was able to get in one single photo:

Moon and Saturn conjunction

The final image was made in 2 processing steps:

  1. HDR with 2 images of the entire moon;
  2. Replacement of the croped moon by the HDR moon on the image with Saturn;

Lets talk about them:

The HDR is not a real “HDR”. First I took 2 frames of the moon. One with 13s of exposure (yes…) and ISO 500 to properly capture the earthshine. Other with 1/13s, ISO 500 to capture the bright side.

Moon and Saturn conjunction

Then I used Photoshop to open both images. I used the over exposed one as background, and overlaped the sub exposed one. To make both images visible I just adjusted the opacity of the top layer.

This is the final result of the Moon and Saturn conjunction:

Moon and Saturn conjunction HDR

It is not perfect, by I liked the result. 🙂


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