Moon between clouds with QHY5L-ii Color

Well, I’m desperate. Simple as that.

I’m taking every brief of open sky to try the “new” setup, and geting every time more frustrated with the weather.

Last wednesday I saw the moon between a lot of clouds, and I thought: Why not to try?

Well, this was the first time I have used the QHY5L-ii color, and must say that I’m amazed with this small cam. You know, I was used to my old SPC900NC and i’m just astonished with the differences.

You know, the old timers likes to say how nice was the “era” of modified webcams for astro imaging and stuff, but man… this is not my case! I really like new tech.

Well, enough talk. I’m posting it here just to compare with new better results in early future, I hope.

Here it is:

Plato crater, Mare Imbrium, Archimedes

One more:

Tycho crater, Mare Nubium, Clavius

Each image was made with 1000 frames with:

And, just to you folks have an idea of the weather I have to deal… here is the video I’ve used to make the firt image:

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