2019 lunar eclipse captured with a telescope

The 2019 lunar eclipse finally happened, and for the first time in my whole life I was able to capture it on images!

I started with stargazing 10 years ago, and never had the chance to take pictures of something like this. Although along those 10 years other eclipses has shown up, every single one of them happened on cloudy days.

Yesterday I was on a hurry, and could take only a few shots. 🙁 Enough to make me happy, though.

I tryed to make a composite image from two shots I toke. One with the bright side well exposed, and another with the dark side well exposed. Both images worked quite good independently, but somehow they just didn’t work together.

It forces me to the extreme. 😛

To finish up with the image below, I used a “normal” full moon picture as “background” to achieve the right exposure on the bright side of the moon, and a picture I toke on July 16 2019 from the eclipse to correct exposure the shadow area.

What do you think?

2019 lunar eclipse

Both images was taken with my Skywatcher Maksutov Cassegrain 102/1300mm telescope and a Nikon D5000.

I also published this same image on my Instagram.

I know it is cheating, but I really enjoyed the result. 😛

The 2019 lunar eclipse wasn’t the greatest lunar eclipse of all time, but it make me happy! This is the kind of astronomical ephemeride that is unforgettable.

See ya in the next time I got descent clear skyes! 😂

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